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Girls doing gymnastics
PtG Opinion 10.07.2024
With Olympics approaching, it’s time to recognize children as a protected class in sport
Zhang Yufe
PtG Article 05.07.2024
WADA and USADA are embroiled in a bitter fight over Chinese case that affects everyone in anti-doping
Man shows sign
PtG Article 04.07.2024
Open call for journalistic articles and investigations on sports integrity and governance
Jens Sejer Andersen
PtG Article 01.07.2024
Building a home for the homeless questions in sport
Judge hammer
PtG Analysis 28.06.2024
On sport and kleptocracy
Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud
PtG Article 27.06.2024
How Saudi Arabia buys influence in US Sports
EURO 2024 sponsors
PtG Analysis 24.06.2024
EURO 2024 sponsors linked to forced labour and pornographic content for minors
Athletes in starting position on running track
PtG Opinion 19.06.2024
Three principles should guide consultations with athletes about how to include transgender athletes
Nasser Al-Khelaifi
PtG Analysis 12.06.2024
EURO 2024: Meet the man that secures Qatar’s grip on European football
Men running in forest
PtG Article 03.06.2024
New study challenges European Model of Sport as EU ministers move to support self-organised sport
Tine Vertommen
PtG Opinion 27.05.2024
"We should aspire to create a world where safeguarding is not just a policy but a lived reality"
Boxers fighting
PtG Article 23.05.2024
Rich Gulf states are taking over combat sports

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How the sports debate evolved in the 21st century

Research projects

ClearingSport: Countering corruption, protecting integrity
Mohammed Bin Salman
Dataset on sports power relations in Saudi Arabia
Kids lying down with a soccer ball
Idan PtG
The financing of grassroots sport in Europe
National Sports Governance Observer (NSGO)
Sports Governance Observer (SGO)

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Athlete power and representation

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Benchmarking sports governance

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Special journalistic investigations


People running
PtG Publication June 2024
European sport: one or several sporting realities?
PtG Publication January 2024
When the silence of sport was broken - Sports politics in the times of Play the Game
The football stadium of Maracana in Rio de Janeiro
PtG Publication December 2023
Research on the Sports Legacy of Brazilian Stadiums from the 2014 FIFA World Cup
Runners hugging
PtG Publication September 2023
Strengthening Athlete Power in Sport - Final report
PtG Publication June 2023
Strengthening Athlete Power in Sport - A guide to opening new ways in sports governance
PtG Publication June 2023
ClearingSport - Towards an agency countering crime and protecting integrity in world sport
PtG Publication February 2023
Mapping the sport and climate space
Speaker at a conference
PtG Publication January 2023
Evaluation of Play the Game 2022 - is there a cure for sport?
Idan Publication June 2022
Elite sports in Finland
Badmintonspiller. Foto: GettyImages/Lintao Zhang
PtG Publication January 2022
A vote with a weight
The CAS building in Lausanne
PtG Publication November 2021
Tipping the scales of justice - the sport and its "supreme court"
Grass. Photo: GettyImages/Jurgita Vaicikeviciene/EyeEm
PtG Publication November 2021
National Sports Governance Observer 2: Benchmarking governance in national sports organisations