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On occasion, Play the Game publishes complex investigative work by journalists in the form of longreads.

On this theme page, you can find

  • Grit Hartmann's investigation into The Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • Andy Brown's investigation into race walker Alex Schwazer's struggle with the international anti-doping system
Gate outside CAS

An investigative report by Grit Hartmann pushes open the gates of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Photo: DeFodi Images/Getty Images

Tipping the scales of justice - the sport and its "supreme court"

This report by Grit Hartmann takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Court of Arbitration for Sport: at its composition, the balance of power, mechanisms within the institution, and at patterns that, although largely hidden from public awareness, could influence sports jurisprudence.

A second part of the report deals with the situation of athletes before the CAS and their concerns.

The report consists of nine chapters.

Chapter one: A point in time: The CAS through the case of a sprinter from Belarus 
Chapter two: Miguel Maduro: “The opposite of the rule of law“
Chapter three: Mastermind in the Court Office? 
Chapter four: Introducing the CAS arbitrators – some basic data
Chapter five: Too close to sport to be independent?
Chapter six: Conflicts of interest: Double hatting and CAS as a tool
Chapter seven: David, Goliath and the remedy gap
Chapter eight: Survey among independent athletes’ organisations
Chapter nine: Legal Aid, André Cardoso and the “worst kind of injustice“ 

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Race walker Alex Schwazer

Alex Schwazer celebrates after winning the 50 km Race Walk at IAAF Race Walking Team Championship Rome 2016. Photo: Tullio M Puglia/Getty Images

Schwazer vs. Sport: A race walker’s long and winding route towards doping rehabilitation

An in-depth investigation by Andy Brown from Sports Integrity Initiative reveals the details about race walker and former Olympic Champion Alex Schwazer’s complex struggle with the antidoping system that has culminated with an Italian judge demanding an investigation of WADA and the IAAF.

Over six chapters, Andy Brown takes you through all the little details that have made Schwazer’s case one of the most complex stories in modern sport.

Chapter 1: Can a leopard change its spots?
Chapter 2: This Kraut needs to drop dead
Chapter 3: La Marcia: A stench of fixing
Chapter 4: A transportation with gaps and flaws
Chapter 5: “A complex of logical tricks and false data”
Chapter 6: The athlete vs. the system: An uneven playing field

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