National seminars 2018

The concludng seminar of the NSGO project took place in Leuven, Belgium, in November 2018.

During the first project period in 2018, the partner countries each hosted a national seminar presenting the National Sports Governance Observer project and the national data available.

3 May 2018: Flanders, Belgium
Read more about the seminar in Flanders:
Sharing good governance experiences

15 May + 28 November 2018: Germany
Read more about the first seminar in Germany:
Good governance visualised in Germany

Read more about the second NSGO seminar in Germany

5 June 2018: Cyprus

22 June 2018: Romania
Read more about the seminar in Romania:
From good governance towards a new vision for sports

18 September 2018: Denmark
Read more about the seminar in Denmark:
Democracy and Diversity: Deficits in Danish sports?

1 October 2018: Poland

2 October 2018: The Netherlands

13 November 2018: Concluding seminar
The NSGO project concluded with a final seminar, which took place in Leuven, Belgium.
Read more about the concluding seminar.

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