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Presentations from Play the Game 2015

Below you will find presentations from Play the Game 2015 available for download

Sunday 25 october 2015

Opening session: Global sport: reform or revolution Jens Sejer Andersen - Reform or revolution? In any case the silence must be brokenRichard W. Pound - Global Sport - a SWOT AssessmentPeter Nicholson - Exploiting the connection: sporting rule violations and criminalityArnout Geeraert - Sports Governance Observer - highlights from a survey into 35 international Olympic federations

A new World Code against doping: Who is willing to comply?

Sandro Donati -Doping must be tackled at the source; the rest is appearanceFrédéric DonzéHow WADA plans to monitor sport and country compliance with the 2015 Code

Monday 26 october

Good governance in sport: Setting standards, raising bars Arnout Geeraert - Sports Governance Observer - the full survey Paquerette Girard Zappelli - Ethics and Good Governance, Olympic Agenda 2020 Wilhelm Rauch - Limits to autonomy? The Olympic family under Swiss legislation Stanislas Frossard - Results of EPAS survey among governnments Szabolcs Horvath - How the EU works for better governance in sport Poul Broberg - Sport should work for sustainability rather than governance

The battle for integrity in sport: Governments vs. sports organisations Herman Ram - Stuck in the mud or moving fast forward? The status of anti-doping at the global level Jesper Frigast Larsen & Christina Friis Johansen - Fighting doping and matchfixing 

Focus on journalism: Baku 2015 - Sportswashing or nation building? Gulnara Akhundova & Rebecca Vincent - Baku 2015: A failed attempt at "sportswashing" - Azerbaijan's image Rasim Adjalov - The impact of the European Games on Azerbaijan

What national governments can do for sports governance

James Ceely- Australia's response to improving governance in the national sports system Taisuke Matsumoto - The Japanese guidelines for good governance in sport Marko Begovic - Compliance of the National Sport Federations within Legal System in Montenegro Elvira Baze - For a good governance in sport, the situation in Albania

Sports Governance Observer: The role of athletes in good governance and more (I) Arnout Geeraert - Sports Governance Observer - the full report with more details Brendan Schwab - The role of athletes in delivering good governance

When sports researchers come in from the cold Maja Pilgaard - The concept of "sport light" – myth or evidence? Jens Alm - Stadiums for professional sport. Business or philantrophy? Trygve Laub Asserhøj - Arctic challenges: How to develop sport in Greenland?

Rethink sports philosophy: Towards a democratic body culture

Ove KorsgaardBuilding democracy with bodies in movement Henning Eichberg - Play, game, sport - and democratic self-determination Tim Walters - Football in the Twenty-First Century: A ManifestoTim Walters - Text Johan Ekberg - Deconstructing Olympism Scott Jedlicka - The International Sport Regime: A Reconsideration of International Sport’s Political Status

Brazil: The permeable fortress and the road to Rio Juliana Barbassa - Favelas in Pre-Olympic Rio de Janeiro: Renewal or Removal? Claudia Sanen - Sport mega-events and the attitude towards government. The perception of Rio de Janeiros forced evicted Elizabeth Martin - Spectator no more: a call to action for spectators when the stakes are so high Aníbal Chaim - FIFA: How Havelange got it

Anti-doping as the athletes see it

YaYa Mayumi Yamamoto - Fairness in Sport and the Factors that Influence Athletes in Sport and Life: Case of Japan Lisa Whitaker - A qualitative examination of athletes' willingness to dope: a choice or imperative? Nils Zurawski - Sport as a way of life! A thick description of athletes‘ everyday lives, sports, performance enhancement and the assessment of doping. Daniel Westmattelmann - Trustworthiness of high-performance sports and the fight against doping from the athlete’s point of view Kelsey Erickson - University sport: An inhibitor or facilitator of doping prevention?

Professional sport: Battles on and off the pitch

Till Müller-Scholl & Louis MoustakasMega Sporting Events and Children Rights: The Variety of Media Coverage in 2014 in 22 countries Geoff Arbourne - Beitar (working title) directed by Maya Zinshtein Harry Arne Solberg - Football tournaments - the battle for the revenues Steve Menary - Football’s Wild West - the commercialisation and corruption of the pre-season friendly Gigi Alford - No Contest: The Human Right of Access to Effective Remedy Supersedes FIFA’s Ban on ‘Recourse to Ordinary Courts’

Reforming football: To be or not to be... a FIFA President

Jesper Moller - A national federation viewpoint

Tuesday 27 october

Match-fixing: Governments versus gangsters - what are the odds? Alex Inglot - Match-Fixing’s decade: Understanding the last ten years and what it means for the next ten

Physical activity in Europe: Cause for concern?

Maja Pilgaard - Teenage girls and sport – have a break or have a problem? Martin Holzweg - Changing the school Rose-Marie Repond - Health Enhanced Physical Activity (HEPA) Michael Filtenborg - Physical activity at the workplace – a beneficial cause Richard Bailey - 10 Steps to Reversing the Physical Inactivity Epidemic

Sports Governance Observer: Benchmarking sports governance in the future (II) Arnout Geeraert - More highlights from the Sports Governance Observer report

Focus on journalism: How to raise standards in times of twittering? Andreas Selliaas - FIFA scandal: The failure of sports journalism  The power of data and analysis for sport for all strategies (I) Koen Breedveld - Measuring sport. Can solid data contribute to better governance in sports for all? Henrik H. Brandt - The biggest revolution in world sport? How the power balance of sport is rapidly changing without media and politicans paying attention Johan Norberg - Are sports governing bodies up for the task in delivering sport to society as a whole?

Mega-events: Rights and risks of children

Suzanne Dowse - Children’s Rights and Major Sports Events: Opportunities and Risks Andrea Florance - A task force for human rights in mega-events

Playing with credibility: The corruption of international sports governance Deborah UngerThe work of Transparency International on corruption in sport Sergey Yurlov - Creating Of An Effective Sports Governing Body In The Russian Federation Umaid Wasim - Pakistan's FF: More FIFA than football

Integrity in practice: How to fight the fixers Nikolaos Theodorou - Athletic Arena, Sysyphean drama: Endless and unavailing fight against Greek sports corruption Damian Voltz - Understanding the threat to the integrity of sport in Australia - how Australia developed a comprehensive understanding of the threats to the integrity of Australian Sport Sarah Lacarrière & Evangelos Alexandrakis - The Actions of Lotteries to Safeguard the Integrity of Sports

The power of data and analysis for sport for all strategies (II)

Matthew Eames & Alex BurrowsProviding governments and federations real time intelligence on participation, activity programmes, facility investment and social return Anne Pøhl - Delivering on sports participation. How Vision 25-50-75 challenges Danish sports organisations to develop their clubs and create new partnerships Guy de Grauwe - Creating healthy work places: Company sport works for you

Anti-doping: Rethinking the system Steve Maxwell & Joseph Harris - Professional Certification: An Innovative Approach to Anti- Doping Myles Schrag - Doper’s Purgatory: What is a race director’s responsibility when convicted drug cheats return to run?Lars Mortsiefer - Criminalizing athletes: Can criminal law help to ban doping from sport? Carsten Kraushaar Martensen - Creating an anti-doping industry Georg Facius - Gender testing in sport

One for the money, two for the show? Events in search of legacy Frederik Munk - Denmark's efforts to ensure sustainable events Spencer Harris - London 2012 and the mass participation legacy: Examining the reasons for policy failure Matthias Fett - Does the FIFA World Cup boost the economy? Jens Brinch - Arctic Winter Games: Sportification of culture?

Mega-events 1. The public revolts: A perfect storm for sport?

Sarah Lewis - How Agenda 2020 will affect future sports events Hans BruyninckxGlobal sports: time for a changing climate, in times of climate change

Mega-events 2. Can Agenda 2020 inspire sustainability in sport? Chadia Afkir UNODC strategy for safeguarding against corruption in major public events Jürgen Griesbeck - Time to unleash the potential of football FIFA's confederations: At the heart of football's challenges

Aderonke Bello - CAF and its role in the FIFA breakdown Ezequiel Fernandez Moores - CONMEBOL: Yankees come home

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Transfers and trafficking: The human cost of broken dreams

Niko Besnier - Locating Sport Migrants in Structures of Kinship and Indebtedness Jean-Claude MbvouminWhich protection for minors in the 21st century football? Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros Wil van Megen - Why the transfer system should be abolished

U.S. college sport: Unprotected amateurs in a billion-dollar business

B. Dave Ridpath - Alternative Models of Sport Development in America Outside of the Educational System - Can it work to Prevent an Educational Crisis? Andrew Zimbalist - Crisis and Reform of Intercollegiate Athletics in the U.S Rob Steen - A fair share? Collective bargaining in baseballBenjamin Bendrich - A European Perspective on the Current Issues of Intercollegiate Athletics (NCAA)

Qatar and the soft diplomacy of sport

Andy Stevens - The use of global sport events as a soft power ressource Susan Dun - Game On: Can Qatar Deliver a Winning 2022 FIFA World Cup Hosting Performance?

The future of journalism: Round table on investigative research

Lars Werge - The future of journalism

Movement facilities on the water front - Session and excursion  Peter Forsberg - Rethinking sports facilities. What kind of facilities do people actually want, and how can we make better use of what we have got Jakob Færch - Reclaiming the blue element. Converting the water to the best arena for sports and recreation in town

Sports politics and governance: A global outlook

Catherine Ordway - Sports Corruption: Justice and accountability through international legislation Peter Donnelly - Olympic Agenda 20 + 20: Will the reforms increase women’s participation? Urszula Starakiewicz - Transparency of Polish sports federations - from a journalistic perspective The migrant athlete in Europe: Risks and opportunities

Sine Agergaard - Does European dual career policies include migrating athletes? Mark Hann & Uroš Kovačv - Subjective experiences of aspiring football migrants in West and Central Africa Christian Ungruhe - Playing the other. African footballers, racism and self-charismatization in German professional football Martin Kainz - The local operating of a global (European) football actor in Ghana – Using the example of the football academy Red Bull Ghana

Open Forum

Greg Lagowski - Limitations while transforming a football club into a fan-owned organisation Marcus Hoy - Served his Time? The Ched Evans Dilemma Edoardo Rosso - Sport, play and exercise for all? Increasing physical activity of adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The new UNESCO Charter: Wonderful intentions, but how can they come true?

Esben DanielsenSimple facilities create a major impact Mogens Kirkeby - Presentation