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Join our webinar for partners interested in hosting Play the Game 2025 or 2027 

Learn more about the economic, logistical, and organisational aspects of bidding to host one of our upcoming conferences at a webinar on 22 May. 

Play the Game has experienced great interest from potential partners for hosting the upcoming Play the Game conferences in 2025 and 2027. We are now extending an invitation to all interested parties for an informative one-hour webinar and Q&A about the details of the bidding process. 

Play the Game 2025 and 2027 will be the 14th and 15th editions of the leading independent world conference on international sports politics. Each conference is anticipated to gather 4-500 leading media professionals, academics, athlete representatives, sports officials, NGO activists, sports business executives, and students from around over the world.  

Preferably, the conference will be arranged as a four-day event in the last quarters of 2025 and 2027 (first quarter of 2028 may be considered). 

A host can be a sports organisation, a city, a media company, a university/education centre, a sports club, or a combination of all. Also, well-organised groups of interested individuals may apply, but applicants must document solid organisational skills and financial capacities. 

For detailed requirements and guidelines, please read the call for potential partners. 

Join the webinar 

As the next step in the process, we invite all parties interested in hosting either the 2025 or 2027 edition of the Play the Game conference to join us for a one-hour webinar on 22 May at 15.00 CET. 

“We are incredibly pleased with the international interest in hosting the Play the Game conference. To help all potential hosts understand what's involved and clarify any doubts, we invite potential partners to a webinar where they can learn more about the scope of the conference, the economic aspects, as well as the bidding and organisational processes involved,” says Stanis Elsborg, head of conference at Play the Game. 


  • Words of welcome 
  • What is Play the Game? 
  • Meet the team 
  • The bidding process and requirements 
  • The organisational process 
  • Q&A session 

Please register for the webinar by emailing Stanis Elsborg, head of conference, at 

Please be advised that we will record the webinar and make it available on request for those unable to attend or want access later.  


22 May at 15.00 CET: Webinar for interested hosts with in-depth information about the conference and a Q&A. 

September 2024: Decision about the 2025 conference 

January 2025: Decision about the 2027 conference 

Previous conferences 

By 2024, Play the Game has held 13 conferences in seven countries: 

  • 1997: Vingsted, Denmark 

  • 2000, 2002 and 2005: Copenhagen, Denmark 

  • 2007: Reykjavik, Iceland 

  • 2009: Coventry, United Kingdom 

  • 2011: Cologne, Germany 

  • 2013 and 2015: Aarhus, Denmark 

  • 2017: Eindhoven, the Netherlands 

  • 2019: Colorado Springs, USA 

  • 2022: Odense, Denmark 

  • 2024: Trondheim, Norway 



Read the call for potential partners

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