Play the Game 2015

Global sport: reform and revolution?

The winds of change are sweeping with unseen force through international sport today.

Global events are facing skepticism, rejection or revolt. Competitions are watched with suspicions of doping or manipulation. The leaders of sport are seen as corrupt, even in cases where they are not.

And in everyday life, millions of people turn their backs on the sports clubs in order to pursue their desire for play and physical activity in parks, private gyms or other settings far from traditional sport.

An increasingly impatient world public demands more transparency, more democracy, more accountability and more sustainability from the international sports organisations.

But is sport able to change from within? If not, how long is the outside world ready to wait?

Play the Game 2015 operated under the subtitle 'Global sport: reform or revolution?' and gathered around 350 journalists, scientists and sport officials on 25-29 October in Play the Game's home town of Aarhus, Denmark. 

This ninth edition of the conference took place at the Marselis Hotel Aarhus, beautifully located in the outskirts of the forest right on the beach of the Bay of Aarhus. 

Play the Game 2015

Play the Game 2015