Play the Game 2011

- bringing change to the heart of sport

Again, the Play the Game conference offered a unique forum for dialogue on sport. Over 13 years and seven world conferences, Play the Game has become the only international forum where leading stakeholders meet face-to-face in free and fact-based debates about the most important challenges to modern sport. 

The seventh Play the Game world communication conference on sport and society, titled "Play the Game 2011 - bringing change to the heart of sport" took place at Europe's biggest sport university in Cologne, Germany. 

The main themes for the conference can be found on the page 'themes'.

Conference partners

Play the Game 2011 was organised in cooperation with German Sport University Cologne; the German Sport University Cologne – also called Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln – is a learning place for 5,200 students of which around 500 come from abroad. It counts 19 scientific institutes, including one for media and communication research, located on a campus with facilities for 30 different sports. 

The German Sport University Cologne is the biggest sports university in Europe and has a great tradition of being in the forefront on many vital subjects within research on sport. It provided exellent settings for the 2011 edition of the conference. Visit to learn more about the German Sport University Cologne.

Play the Game 2011

Play the Game 2011