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Stiftelsen den Nordenfjelske Handelshøyskole (foundation)

The Foundation's purpose is to promote higher degree studies in economics and administration in Trondheim together with the NTNU School of Business. The contributions from the Foundation will promote the social and professional activities for staff, students, the student union and emeritus at NTNU School of Business and Economics and the Foundation. 

Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Equality

The Ministry of Culture and Equality is responsible for the policy areas of culture, equality and discrimination, copyright, the media, sport and the voluntary sector. The Ministry also has overarching responsibility for the state lotteries run by Norsk Tipping and for regulating gaming and lotteries run by private organisations. Read more

Anti Doping Norway

Anti-Doping Norway was established in 2003 to ensure that doping controls and prosecution activities for doping cases are organised independently from The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NOC) and the Norwegian Government. Read more

The National Olympic Committee & Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF)

DIF is the main organisation for 61 Danish sports federations. In addition to being responsible for both elite and amateur-level/recreational sports at a non-profit association level, DIF is also responsible for Danish participation in the Olympic Games. Read more


DGI is a sports association in Denmark that works as an umbrella organisation for its more than 6,400 member sports clubs. Read more

SpareBank 1

The SpareBank 1 alliance is a cooperation between 12 banks in Norway under the joint name SpareBank 1. Read more

Team Denmark

Team Danmark's purpose is to promote elite sports in Denmark. Read more

Anti Doping Danmark (ADD)

Anti Doping Danmark (ADD) is the national anti-doping agency of Denmark. ADD conducts doping control and information-, education- and prevention-tasks in both organised and recreational sport, including fitness centres. Read more

The Danish FA (DBU)

The Danish Football Association (DBU) was founded in 1889 and is the joint association for organised football in Denmark. Read more

Danish Handball Association

The Danish Handball Association was founded in 1935 and is the joint association for organised handball in Denmark. Read more

Danish Union of Journalists (DJ)

The Danish Union of Journalists, founded in 1961, is a trade union for people who work in journalism, media and communications. DJ seeks to secure respect for press freedom and to encourage the media and communication sectors to actively promote openness and dialogue in society. Read more

Norwegian Union of Journalists (NJ)

The Norwegian Union of Journalists is the national trade union for Norwegian journalists. The union’s member operate on the basis of the right to free information and the consideration of professional integrity. Read more

Danish Sports Journalists

Danish Sports Journalists is an association for Danish sport journalists and sports press photographers. Read more

Trondheim Municipality

Trondheim is Norway's third largest city with just over 200,000 inhabitants. Read more


Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the largest university in Norway. Through its strategic research in areas such as energy, health, oceans, and sustainability, NTNU addresses many challenges of great importance to society. Read more

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