Programme for Play the Game 2024

Programme DAY 1, Sunday 4 February

All programme elements are subject to change. Updated 30 January 2024

13.30: Plenary session

Words of welcome and opening keynotes

Room: Olav Tryggvason

Chair: Stanis Elsborg

  • Words of welcome
    Stanis Elsborg, head of conference, Play the Game, Denmark
  • Welcome to Trondheim
    Kent Ranum, mayor, Municipality of Trondheim, Norway
  • Game on for good governance in sport
    Erlend Hanstveit, state secretary, The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Equality, Norway
  • Clearing sport, sparking change: Welcome to Play the Game 2024
    Jens Sejer Andersen, international director, Play the Game, Denmark
  • Healing through compassion – My journey of navigating trauma
    Joanna Maranhão, network coordinator, Sport & Rights Alliance, Brazil
  • 10 years of Russia's war against Ukraine: Appeasement of the aggressor and "sport out of politics" hypocrisy
    Andriy Chesnokov, deputy minister, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ukraine

15.00: Coffee break


15.30: Plenary session

Illegal gambling in sport: The trillion‐dollar question that no one seems to grasp

Room: Olav Tryggvason

Chair: Nick Harris

  • The catastrophic impact of normalising corruption in sport    
    Frédéric van Leeuw, federal prosecutor, Belgian Ministry of Public Affairs, Belgium
  • The explosion of sports betting across Africa and the potential for risk to fans in lightly regulated markets
    Zoe Flood, independent journalist and filmmaker, United Kingdom
  • Tackling Maestro: Unravelling a network of match‐fixers    
    Ann Lukowiak, federal prosecutor/vice chair, Federal Prosecution Office Belgium/MARS Network, Belgium
  • Understanding organized crime tactics to improve the fight against sports competition manipulation
    Corentin Segalen, chair, Group of Copenhagen (Council of Europe’s network of national platforms), France
  • How sports betting has made elite football complicit with criminal activity and human rights abuse
    Philippe Auclair, investigative reporter, Josimar, United Kingdom/France/Norway
  • Panel debate, Q&A: All speakers                

17.15: Coffee break

17.40: Plenary session

 Abuse of minors in Mali: A model of system flaws in sport

Room: Olav Tryggvason

Chair: Allison Wagner

  • Sexual abuse in Malian basketball: Sharing experiences and risks 
    Ahmar Abdoulaye Maiga, executive director, Young Players Protection in Africa, Mali
  • FIBA’s Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse in Mali National Basketball: What Not To Do
    Minky Worden, director of Global Initiatives, Human Rights Watch, USA
  • From Policy to Practice: Rallying Global Solidarity for Mali    
    Andrea Florence, director, Sport & Rights Alliance, Brazil
  • Panel debate, Q&A: All speakers                

18.30: Welcome reception and dinner

20.00: Plenary session

Women sparking change in sport

Room: Olav Tryggvason

Chair: Grit Hartmann

Inspiring personalities share their visions and efforts in sparking change within and through international sports.


  • Harnessing the Power of Sports for Activism
    Khalida Popal, founder and director, Girl Power Organisation, Afghanistan
  • Challenging the field: Sparking changes in football leadership
    Lise Klaveness, president, The Norwegian Football Association, Norway

21.30: Book launch: Play the Game's 25th anniversary book

Reception and handout of the new book "When the silence of sport was broken ‐ sports politics in the times of Play the Game"

Play the Game 2024
Play the Game 2024

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