Play the Game 2009 was sponsored by

Advantage West Midlands

Advantage West Midlands is the Regional Development Agency (RDA) for the West Midlands. It was one of nine RDAs in England that were established to transform the English regions through sustainable economic development.

Its role is to lead the economic development of the West Midlands, working alongside a wide range of public, private and voluntary sectors partners to help our region to prosper - building upon many strengths and addressing unique challenges.

It drives economic development by identifying where the greatest impact can be made either by targeting need or investing in success.

Visit the Advantage West Midland website at

CV One

CV One is internationally recognised as a benchmark for combining the twin functions of managing Coventry’s city centre and promoting the City and its surrounding region as an attractive place in which to invest, work, live and to visit. 

As a public-private sector company it operates independently and commercially from local government whilst leveraging the enhanced buying power and contacts forged by its official services provision for Coventry City Council.

At the heart of CV One’s core activities lay commercial membership schemes covering city centre businesses, principally retailers and leisure sector operators, and tourism businesses, such as hotels and attractions, from a wide area of Warwickshire as well as from Coventry itself. Apart from the tourism membership scheme, all the other schemes have now been incorporated into the Coventry City Centre BID.


SenSport offers cost-effective, stylish, team wear options, maintaining a level of quality that is second to none.

Attention to detail combined with a selection of highly advanced fabrics and unparalleled design ensures performance on and off the park and ultimate protection from the elements with outstanding value for money.

SenSport sponsored a gift for delegates at Play the Game 2009.

Play the Game 2009
Play the Game 2009