Play the Game 2009 conference evaluation

Play the Game participants have delivered their verdict on Play the Game 2009, with 80% of attendees rating the conference as good or very good.

The conference evaluation has provided valuable feedback with regard to not only Play the Game 2009, but will also help formulating the programme for future conferences.

Excerpts from the evaluation

“Judging by participants’ reactions, the Play the Game conference is a unique learning place, sports policy forum and multidisciplinary international meeting place. Several participants in oral comments, videos and e-mail to the Secretariat expressed that the conference was among the very best they had been involved with, and experienced Play the Game participants pointed out that 'there are always new things to take back from Play the Game conferences.'”

“The study shows a slightly decreasing commitment, as expressed in several ways: the response rate is slightly lower; there is a shift from the very positive towards the middle grades; a number of respondents commented to the effect that “Reykjavik 2007 was better.”

There could be a number of reasons for this. The study reveals some dissatisfaction with the physical setting in Coventry. The Cathedral was regarded as an excessive venue with unsatisfactory acoustics, too little and unvaried food and hotel rooms were not up to standard. It probably also plays a role that many show up with very high expectations based on past experiences, and thus the element of surprise is lost.
In relation to the last point, Play the Game’s mission is to ensure that the content, regardless of repetitions of themes, speakers and topics, seems fresh and innovative.”

“It is the Programme committee’s main impression that Play the Game once again was successful and redeemed its purpose:

  1. raising awareness of sport in society, both locally, nationally and internationally
  2. to paint a comprehensive picture of sport and support the individual’s right to choose and shape his or her daily sport
  3. ensure a free, independent, open and unbiased debate on sport condition and development
  4. to provide media professionals, researchers and political leaders both inspiration and tools to work with sport’s cultural, political, social and economic aspects
  5. to create networks across national and disciplinary boundaries to meet the challenges of a globalised sports and media world”

Play the Game 2011
The conference generated great international interest in hosting the next Play the Game in 2011 and Play the Game has received three bids from institutions in Germany, Slovenia and South Africa. The selection process is currently taking place and a host will be announced in the spring of 2010.
Feedback from the conference, both positive and negative, will help Play the Game in making preparations for future conferences, whether that be in terms of selecting a venue, deciding what areas to cover during the conference, or how to present certain sessions.
The evaluation is available in English and Danish. Further comments regarding the organisation and staging of Play the Game 2009 are always welcome at

Play the Game 2009
Play the Game 2009

Conference evaluation

PtG Publication February 2010
Evaluation of Play the Game 2009. Sport in times of crisis