Conference speakers

Below you will find a list of the main speakers and their subjects at Play the Game 2002 (ordered alphabetically by author's first name). 

Globalisation - open for debate?
Aidan White, Secretary General, International Federation of Journalists Time for a victory lap?

Sports women in the media
Alina Bernstein, media researcher, Tel Aviv University

Educational sport - more than business and entertainment
Anders Bülow, President of ISCA

Ripping up soccer: The story behind the FIFA scandals
Andrew Jennings, British reporter, author "Lords of the Rings"

Women and Sport: Whose game are we playing?
Anita White, sports consultant

Growth hormone, why and will it ever be detectable?
Anne-Marie Kappelgaard, Senior Scientist, Growth Hormone Scientific Marketing, Novo Nordisk A/S

Dying to win: The quest for an international anti-doping code
Barrie Houlihan, professor, Loughborough University, UK

Sedentary lifestyle: More dangerous than smoking
Bente Klarlund Pedersen, professor, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Serving the coffee? Women in sport politics
Berit Skirstad, Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education

Voluntary work in sport
Bjarne Ibsen, Head of Research, Research Institute for Sport, Culture and Civil Society, Denmark

The healthy athlete: an introduction of the athletes health pass
Bo Berglund, MD, PhD, Karolinska Hospital, Sweden

Uniting the world? Values in sport in the 21st century
Brian Mikkelsen, Minister of Culture, Denmar

Nutrional Supplements: A Risky Business
Christiane Ayotte, professor, head of Canada's leading anti-doping laboratory

Sport and suicide
Colin Tatz, professor, Shalom College, University of Southern Wales, Australia

Sporting Rights and Civil Wrongs: Aboriginal Wins and Losses Down Under
Colin Tatz, professor, Shalom College, University of Southern Wales, Australia

A global code: WADA's greatest challenge
Craig Reedie, president of the British Olympic Association, chairman of WADA's Finance and Administration Committee, member of the IOC

Sport and Human Rights
DaVinder Singh Chhina, Punjab, India

The Russian Mafia and the NHL
Declan Hill, freelance reporter, Canada

From tradition to the Olympics: Running cultures in Mexico and Kenya
Dirk Lund Christensen, Exercise Physiologist, MA in African Studies

Sport in Kosovo
Driton Latifi, reporter, Kosovo

Community building in Premier League
Emma Stanford, Head of Community Affairs, Leeds United, UK

The many faces of Argentina 1978
Ezequiel F. Moores, sports editor of ANSA, Argentina

The magic of Brazilian soccer corruption
Ezequiel F. Moores, sports editor of ANSA, Argentina

Media: What have you done to sports
Gary Wicks, Associate Professor, St. Olaf's College, USA

Nationalism in the sports media
Gerd von der Lippe, professor competence, Telemark University College, Norway

Video clips from Landsstævne 2001
Gerdt Hylbæk, press officer, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations

From Word to Action: The Ambivalence of Western Anti-Doping
Gerhard Treutlein, Prof. Dr., Pädagogische Hochshule Heidelberg, Germany

The Kournikova Syndrome: Athletes, media and the commodification of sport
Gertrud Pfister, professor, University of Copenhagen, Germany/Denmark

The GDR: How Doping Addiction Changes Sport
Giselher Spitzer, Assistant Professor, University of Paderborn

The IOC reforms: Women on the move
Gunilla Lindberg, Member of IOC's Executive Committee, Sweden

Doping Trade: Business for The Big Ones
Gunnar Hermansson, chief detective inspector, Stockholm, Sweden

The fight against doping: Will it succeed?
Hans B. Skaset, professor, Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education

Niels Bukh: The Ultra Right and the struggle over the Danish Youth
Hans Bonde, Dr.Phil, professor, sports historian, University of Copenhagen

Festival journalism
Henning Eichberg, DrPhil, Gerlev, Denmark

Fat and lazy: Writing from the readers' perspective
Henrik H. Brandt, sports reporter, Jyllands-Posten

Why are Kenyan runners superior?
Henrik Larsen, Master of Science, CMRC, Copenhagen

The human power of Sport for All - German Turnfest 2002
Herbert Hartmann, professor, Vice-President of the German Gymnastics Federation

Doctors in sport: Roles and responsibilities
Ivan Waddington, sports director, Leicester University, UK

The loneliness of the human rights defender at the moment of the penalty
Jean Paul Marthoz, European Press Director, Human Rights Watch

Football From The Heart: How Two Davids Beat a World of Goliaths
Jens Brinch, Secretary General, The Sports Confederation of Greenland and Michael Nybrandt, International Coordinator, Tibetan National Football Association

The big bubble - the crackdown of ISL, a marketing giant
Jens Weinreich, Sports Editor, Berliner Zeitung, Germany

The influence of organized crime in Olympic sports
Jens Weinreich, Sports Editor, Berliner Zeitung, Germany

Teenage kicks: Justice and development among children soldiers
Joe Hena, Development Worker, Liberia Kenyan

Running in a Global-Historical Context
John Bale, professor, Aarhus University, Denmark, and Keele University, UK

Fools for sport: The nationalist games politicians play
John Hoberman, professor, sports sociologist, University of Texas, USA

The Double Face of Olympism: Why Jamaica Must Have a Bob Sledge Team
Jørn Møller, Ph.D., sports historian, Gerlev, Denmark

Sexual harassment: A worldwide challenge
Kari Fasting, professor, Norwegian School of Sport and Physical Education

Sailing through troubled waters: A strategy for sports organisations
Lars Haue-Pedersen, Director, TSE Consulting, Switzerland

Sports democracy: The greatest threat. Sponsor business or democracy itself?
Lars Martin Kaupang, Senior Consultant, MMI Sponsoring, Norway

On thin ice: Sexual assault and violence in ice hockey
Laura Robinson, author, freelance journalist, Canada

Confronting the nightmares of the past: The story of ten indigenous Canadian runners
Laura Robinson, author, freelance journalist, Canada

The ethical perspective: Qualifying the debate on your sports pages
Marcia Sage, Director, the Sports Ethics Institute, USA

Play the ball - with your life at stake. Ball games used in peace building in the Balkans
Max Rasmussen, sports adviser, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations, and Anders Levinsen, Director of Open Fun Football Schools

Erythropoietin/NESP – facts and figures
Michael Friedberg

Using radio to make grasroot sport grow
Milan Petkovic, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Workshop: Get the story
Nils Mulvad, director of DICAR, Danish Institute of Computer Assisted Reporting

African Sports: Ready for Critical Journalists?
Olukayode Thomas, award winning sports reporter, Nigeria

Gene Doping
Peter Schjerling, PhD, Dep. for Molecular Muscle Biology, Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Targetting the cheaters
Petter Riiser, International Doping Control Coordinator, Norwegian Confederation of Sport

Sport in Africa - do women have a chance
Prisca Massao, student, NSSPE, Tanzania

Children: They Can Take More Training Than We Believe
Rasmus Damsgaard, PhD in medicine, Denmark

Whose Rules Must the Athlete Obey?
Richard H. McLaren, lawyer, Canada, member of the international Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

Sport, Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalisation
Robert Davies, Chief Executive, The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, UK

Doping in Italy: The international impact
Sandro Donati, head of research, CONI, Italy

The ecological 100-meter: How to make sustainable records in sport
Sigmund Loland, professor, Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education

The Olympic Summer Games in Beijing 2008
Sun Weijia, Deputy Director of the Media & Communication Department, the Organising Committee of the 29th Olympic Games (Beijing 2008)

Industry or indepence? Release of survey of the Scandinavian sports press
Søren Schultz Jørgensen, editor, business weekly "Mandag Morgen"

After the Scandinavian survey - new roads for sports journalists?
Søren Schultz Jørgensen, editor, business weekly "Mandag Morgen"

New horizons: How to reach another kind of sportsreaders
Søren-Mikael Hansen, Sports News Editor, Politiken Daily

Street Football World
Research Director, Street Football World, Germany

A greater emphasis on sport and physical education in international aid pograms
William Glenwright, Development Coordinator, Australia

Play the Game 2002
Play the Game 2002