Quotes from delegates

A selection of quotes about the conference from delegates:

"A wonderful conference. I really enjoyed it and find myself quoting all the time things I heard while there. For me it was a very special experience, as I think I told you, to see researchers/academics and journalists actually listening to one another and having a genuine dialogue..."

Alina Bernstein, Sports Media Researcher, Tel Aviv

"That was quite an achievement: all those languages and ethnicities, so much content, so crowded yet unboring, so much fellowship and so little bitchery and backbiting. A splendid conference."

Colin Tatz, Professor, Australia

"Play the Game was very successful, from an organisational point of view and as an intellectual source to understanding the crisis signs in the sports life. It was no less than a masterpiece."

Hans B. Skaset, Professor, former president of the Norwegian Sports Confederation

"Marvellous… I came away loaded with notes, papers, new friends and warm memories."

Janet Heinonen, Editor, Keeping Track Newsletter, USA

"I think you and your colleagues have created an important space for change."

Robert Davies, Chief Executive, The Prince of Wales International Business Leader Forum, United Kingdom

"It was a great experience listening to the topics discussed and meeting such lovely people which will be illuminating for the future."

Mario Rodrigues, Sports Reporter, The Statesman, India

"Play the game is unique and irreplaceable in what it does to educate both sports journalists and media scholars alike. It was the best (and most fun) conference I have been to. The panelists revealed outstanding information on current trends that are important to analysis of what we collectively call the "sports world”."

Iri Cermak, Sports Researcher, USA

"Such a chance to interact, exchange views and net-work with some of the world's top researchers and journalists is a chance in a life-time. The heated debates that characterised the presentations during the panel meetings and thereafter shows clearly how informative and interesting the topics were."

Omulo Okoth, Sports Reporter, East African Standard, Kenya

"A congress like I have never experienced it in my whole career. It’s an outstanding arrangement with a lot of interesting people, and it would be a pity if it could not be continued in the future. It is the only chance to present certain things on an international level."

Gerhard Treutlein, Professor, Germany

"It's simple: it was just fantastic!"

Radu Naum, Sports Reporter and Commentator, RTV Romanian Television

"It was quite simply the best conference I have been to for many years."

Ivan Waddington, Sports Director, United Kingdom

"This initiative is the only of its kind worldwide. It is a very important project if we want to preserve values in sport."

Sandro Donati, Head of Research, CONI, Italy

""Play the game - Who’s got the power?" Under this motto stood the congress this year. Many participants agreed that having since long taken part in this game, they had never before been tanked up with such power. Power that relied on interdisciplinary knowledge, network of international contacts, mutual respect and an unusually warm-hearted togetherness. A power that the system of competitive sport needs so hard."

Ralf Meutgens, Sports Reporter, Germany

"It was of great importance to me to get a share of the inspiring papers from almost all corners of the world … there is no doubt that the participation of journalists, scientists and sports leaders also from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Australia has an impact on several levels, just as networking plays a role in the global village of sport and physical education."

Alice Riis Bach, MA in Cultural Communication, freelancer, Copenhagen

Play the Game 2002
Play the Game 2002