Use the SGO benchmarking tool yourself and compare with previous data

A new online tool makes it possible for anyone to use the SGO tool to benchmark governance in an international sports federation of their own choice. The tool also makes it possible to make comparisons between all federations that have already been benchmarked by Play the Game.

The SGO tool was developed in 2018 following years of research and cooperation between Play the Game and various European universities. The tool is authored by Dr. Arnout Geeraert, KU Leuven, and managed by Play the Game. 

Now, Play the Game is making an online version of the SGO tool available to anyone who wants to benchmark governance in an international sports federation of their own choice and compare the results to findings from the previous federations that have been benchmarked during the SGO project.

A comprehensive tool with 309 indicators
The SGO tool is a very comprehensive tool that scores the performance of individual sports federations on 309 indicators through a yes or no system.

The indicators are divided into four different dimensions: Transparency, democracy, internal accountability and control, and societal responsibility. For ease of use, the online tool makes it possible to fill in the answers for each dimension individually.

More detailed information about the indicators in the SGO benchmarking tool

The tool also makes it possible to compare your results to findings from the previous 11 international sports federations that have already been benchmarked by Play the Game’s experts during the SGO project. Or alternatively: You can just use the tool to make comparisons without your own benchmarking project.

The structure of the interactive tool
The interactive tool is presented through the interface of Microsoft Power BI with a number of navigation tabs at the bottom. 

  • The ‘Home’ tab is the entry page where you find information about the tool and how it works.

  • ‘The Index score’ tab shows the overall score for all sports organisations. To the right you can filter the scores on organisation and/or type of sport.

    If you move your mouse over the bars in the diagram, you will see the scores for the four dimensions and a little information about the organisation or sport in question.
  • The ’Transparency’, ’Democratic processes’, ’Internal accountability’ and ’Societal responsibility’ tabs show the scores for the dimensions you have chosen using the filter options on the previous page.

    To the right of the page you can access the benchmarking tool with all the indicators for the respective dimension to obtain a score for your own organisation.

    At each indicator it is shown whether it belongs to the level of basic, intermediate, or advanced organisations.
  • If you press  in the top right hand corner, you will get access to instructions on how to interpret the indicators.

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