PtG Publication, September 2021

Strengthening athlete power in sport - A multidisciplinary review and framework

The overarching aim of the Strengthening Athlete Power in Sport (SAPIS) is to develop a nuanced mapping of the opportunities for athletes in order to provide an evidence base on which to enhance athletes' representation and influence in the governance of sport.

This report is the combination of multidisciplinary scholarship employing a range of tools and frameworks. The multidisciplinary review incorporates theory and methods from ethics, history, law, as well as social, economic and political sciences and theorical perspectives. It presents a view of the rise of awareness of athletes as stakeholders, as well as certain intellectual and historical landmarks in this development.

Open publication
Publisher: Play the Game
Page Count: 63
ISBN: 978-87-93784-57-4 (pdf)

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Athlete power and representation

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