PtG Article 26.11.2021

Utrecht University publishes free book on sports governance

More than 20 researchers have contributed to the new anthology “Good Governance in Sport. Critical Reflections” which is now freely available as an e-book via the homepage of Routledge.

Keywords: Sports governance

“I see little added value in 'science for science', certainly not when it concerns a subject that is as intertwined with practice as good governance in sport. It is our job as academics to study topics that are socially relevant and to share our knowledge.”

This is how Frank van Eekeren, one of the two editors of a new anthology on sports governance, explains why he and Arnout Geeraert invited over 20 researchers from around the world to contribute to  the book 'Good Governance in Sport. Critical Reflections'.

The book has recently been published by Routledge and made freely available thanks to support from Utrecht University, where van Eekeren works as an associate professor and Geeraert as an assistant professor in the Department of Governance and Organizational Studies (USBO).

Both editors have broad experience in putting their theories into practice, advising sports organisations as well as public authorities on how to implement good governance standards. And their names will be known by those following Play the Game’s work in the field.

“Our journey into good governance in sport started ten years ago when Arnout Geeraert and I participated in the Action for Good Governance in International Sports Organisations (AGGIS) project, led by Play the Game. Since then, both of us have been involved in a number of influential good governance projects by way of research and advice,” says Frank van Eekeren.

“With this, we feel, comes a responsibility to question and challenge the systems of knowledge on good governance we helped establish. We are convinced that is important to continuously look for new perspectives since they lead to new insights.”

The financial contribution from Utrecht University aims at ensuring that the book does not only reach a small group of researchers, but becomes accessible to administrators, policymakers, students, and all other interested parties.

Download the free book on sports governance

Download 'Good Governance in Sport. Critical Reflections' (ed. A. Geeraert and F.v. Eekeren), Routledge 2021.

Read an extract from the foreword to the book written by Jens Sejer Andersen, international director at Play the Game

'The work of improving sports governance has just begun'

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