PtG Article 29.11.2017

New trends in new settings

Play the Game 2017 delegates had a nice break from the conference halls during the Knowledge Café on Tuesday night that presented new trends in sport in an innovative fashion.

In a very nice and informal atmosphere on Tuesday evening, Play the Game 2017 delegates enjoyed a fun and cozy session on new trends in sports participation at the Knowledge Café, arranged by the Kennicentrum Sport (Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands), taking place in the hockey club across the street from the conference hotel.

The session, which was creatively led by Peter Barendse, a researcher from Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands, featured pitch presentations from four new sports competing to become the evening's sport most likely to increase participation worldwide.

The four sports were stand-up paddling (SUP), represented by Maurice Leeser from the Dutch watersport federation and Jacob Færch from the Danish Surf and Rafting Federation. Representing urban sports was Morten Bo Andersen from Game Denmark, while Louis Moustakas spoke on behalf of Streetfootballworld, working with football and social inclusion. Thom Rutten represented ‘Springlab’, a Dutch innovation agency working to make the Dutch more active.

In another feature, Jan-Willem van der Roest from the Mulier Institute, presented a research foresight study giving four parameters important for participation in sport in the future and for what is needed to ensure the involvement of youngsters in sport. The parameters were, van der Roest explained, social participation (social contacts, fun), health, competition and fan culture.

Towards the end of the night, three ‘wise men’ were called to the stage to give their insights into new interesting trends as seen from their organisations and their thoughts on the new sports presented in the café. The ‘wise men’ were Henrik Brandt, Director of the Danish Institute for Sports Studies / Play the Game, Mogens Kirkeby, President of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and Peter Barendse, reprensenting The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA).

The session engaged the audience in a lively manner through the use of a 'Catchbox' being thrown around among the participating delegates, giving everybody a chance to ask questions and comment on the perspectives presented.

The session was supported by a live band and the two lovely ‘cleaning ladies’ Susie and Lucie, who interrupted the discussions and contributed with their twisted and fun perspectives on the presentations.

Watch a summary of the Knowledge Café (by Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands):

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