PtG Article 28.11.2017

Innovation tour of Eindhoven

As part of the social programme during Play the Game 2017, delegates were given a tour of the city of Eindhoven on the second evening of the conference.

The electronics giant Philips that had its origin in Eindhoven, has left significant marks on the city. Local partners in the Dutch city had prepared an Eindhoven ‘Innovation tour’ giving Play the Game 2017 participants an impression of the huge influence that the company has had on the infrastructure and architecture of the city as well as on the mindset of the inhabitants.

Although Philips has moved its production from Eindhoven, it still forms a big part of the city, delegates were told on a bus tour passing by many of the landmarks in Eindhoven heading for 'Strijp-S', the area that once hosted the Philips factories.

Here, at the restaurant Radio Royaal, set inside an old power plant, delegates had dinner while catching up after the two first days of conference.

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

After the dinner, Play the Game 2017 was invited to get a closer look inside some of  the old production buildings in Strijp-S, that is now home to a new generation of entrepreneurs. Many of these work in the field of sport.

One building, called Area 51, houses a variety of urban sports facilities including a skate hall, a BMX hall and a dance studio.

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard/Play the Game

The SX-Building, a unique innovation cluster of sport, media and marketing, is also located in this neighbourhood. During a tour though the house, Play the Game 2017 participants were introduced to several of the start-ups benefitting from being located close to each other in this energetic community.

Photo: Danish Institute for Sports Studies

On Tuesday evening, participants will get a chance to visit another part of Eindhoven, when many of the sports facilities at the Genneper Park, located next to the conference hotel, open up.

In more than 40 sessions, over 200 speakers will present their thoughts and opinions on a wide range of the most topical questions in world sport during the tenth Play the Game conference, taking place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 26-30 November 2017.Read more about Play the Game 2017