PtG Article 13.09.2023

Broad Nordic support for Play the Game’s first conference in Norway

When Play the Game welcomes participants to its 13th international sports conference in Trondheim in February 2024, it will be the first time the conference takes place in Norway. Supported by both loyal and new sports stakeholders, the conference is backed by a broad range of Nordic sponsors. 

Play the Game's decision to move its international conference to Trondheim, Norway, has been welcomed by many Norwegian sports stakeholders, who have provided significant support to the conference that will take place from 4-7 February 2024. A total of 1.65 million NOK (€ 144,000) has been raised through four substantial grants from sponsors who are all supporting Play the Game for the first time.

“At a time where the democratic and ethical values of sport are challenged in their foundation, it is encouraging that Play the Game’s activities are met with continuous and generous support from a broad group of Nordic organisations. These financial contributions are decisive for our ability to deliver a conference of the highest quality and with a wide professional, cultural and geographical scope”, say Jens Sejer Andersen, international director of Play the Game.

The four Norwegian sponsors have a broad background in the Norwegian sports community:

  • Stiftelsen den Nordenfjelske Handelshøyskole (foundation): 800,000 NOK (€ 70,000)
  • The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Equality: 500,000 NOK (€ 43,500)
  • Anti-Doping Norway: 200,000 NOK (€ 17,500)
  • SpareBank 1 (Norwegian bank alliance): 150,000 NOK (€ 13,000) earmarked for travel and conference grants

In addition to the Norwegian contributions, Danish sponsors have once again proved loyal in supporting Play the Game’s flagship event:

  • DIF (NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark): 150,000 DKK (€20,000)
  • Team Danmark (national elite sport): 75,000 DKK (€10,000)
  • DGI (Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations): 75,000 DKK (€10,000)
  • DBU (Danish FA): 50,000 DKK (€6,500)
  • Anti-Doping Denmark: 50,000 DKK (€6,500)
  • Danish Journalists’ Union: 50,000 DKK (€6,500)

Find a list of sponsors and partners  – with links to their websites – at the conference website.

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