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PtG Comment 27.06.2022
Sport must choose between democracy and autocracy
PtG Article 27.06.2022
Russian sanctions unlikely to herald a new era of accountability
PtG Article 27.06.2022
Saudi Arabia is filling the vacuum after Russia in a year of sportswashing
PtG Article 27.06.2022
Play the Game 2022 opens with a call to remove Belarussian sports officials
PtG Article 24.06.2022
Play the Game offers free livestreaming from 18 conference sessions
PtG Article 09.06.2022
Afghan and Belarusian activists and top Olympic people meet at Play the Game 2022
PtG Article 23.05.2022
The full programme for Play the Game's anniversary edition is ready
PtG Article 11.04.2022
Danish sport rallies to support Play the Game 2022
PtG Article 11.04.2022
Play the Game 2022 presents programme with sharper focus on sport and geopolitics
PtG Article 22.03.2022
Conference grants available for Play the Game 2022
PtG Article 16.12.2021
Call for Papers for Play the Game 2022
PtG Article 15.07.2021
Play the Game’s 25th anniversary conference set for 27-30 June 2022
PtG Article 15.02.2021
Play the Game cancels in 2021 but plans a 25th anniversary conference in 2022
PtG Article 01.07.2020
Three contenders want to organise Play the Game 2021
PtG Article 27.11.2019
Who will host Play the Game 2021? Calling interested partners