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PtG Article 07.02.2024
In-play bets and live data collection make new sports vulnerable to match-fixing
PtG Article 05.02.2024
Money spent on investigating match-fixing cases would be better spent on education
PtG Article 26.01.2024
Divided views on whether sports organisations should be part of an agency to combat crime in sport
PtG Opinion 23.01.2023
Match-fixing in handball: A reminder of the need for a World Anti-Corruption Agency
PtG Article 29.06.2022
Proposal for independent sports integrity body to be unveiled in September
PtG Article 29.06.2022
Investigative data project exposes dubious actions in betting industry
PtG Article 28.06.2022
Looking for a good model to fund an independent global match-fixing agency
PtG Article 01.03.2021
Rising popularity of cricket in Europe has led to major match-fixing problems
PtG Article 07.12.2020
New typology of sports manipulations broadens definition of match-fixing
PtG Analysis 12.10.2020
Time to look beyond organised crime to stop match-fixing
PtG Analysis 28.05.2020
Friendly matches between clubs are wide open for match fixing
PtG Article 24.10.2019
Sports betting: What are the odds on a fix?
PtG Article 16.08.2019
’Sometimes we fixed more games than we could bet’
PtG Article 10.08.2012
Gangs and corruption in Australian horse racing
PtG Article 12.06.2009
Declan Hill wins Play the Game 2009 award
PtG Article 08.11.2005
Match fixing – an old practice with new profitability