PtG Article 12.09.2017

10 conference grants available for Play the Game 2017

Thanks to support from Danish journalist organisations, Play the Game is happy to announce the availability of ten conference grants for media professionals from less privileged countries.

Thanks to generous support from the Danish Union of Journalists and the association of Danish Sports Journalists, Play the Game has been able to set up a limited fund available for the distribution of grants for full or partial funding of conference attendance and accommodation.

Grants are available for media professionals from less privileged countries. Subsidies will primarily go to people from developing countries, but applicants from other countries outside the EU may also be considered.

Play the Game 2017 is the 10th Play the Game conference and will take place in the Dutch city of Eindhoven from 26-30 November under the subtitle Riding waves of change.

The conference offers four days of fact-based debates about essential issues on world sport and the conference themes include:

  • Governance in sport: Change or be changed?
  • The global fight against doping: Facing a breakthrough or a breakdown?
  • Mega-events and public rights: An intensifying battle
  • Disrupting sport: Winners and losers in the era of technology
  • The sports market: A crime scene with impunity?
  • Who will guard the guardians? Whistleblowers and media under pressure
  • Sexual abuse: Is sport a special danger zone?
  • Open forum

Representatives of the organisers of Play the Game 2017 will consider grant applications in due time before the event, taking into consideration one or more of the following criteria:

  • the applicant plays an active role in the sports debate in his or her home country and can prove a long-term interest in the conference themes
  • the applicant can add value to Play the Game’s agenda by reporting on conference issues to national media, by presenting papers during the conference, by entering in panel discussions, by contributing to Play the Game’s own news production or in other ways
  • that he or she is able to cover the total travel costs
  • the total selection of grant holders represents a mix of earlier participants and newcomers
  • that a fair distribution of grants is achieved with respect to gender, age, geographical origin, function in the public sports debate etc.

Applications must be sent by 26 September 2017, 15:00 CET at the latest.

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