A brief introduction to the NSGO benchmarking tool


The interactive tool is presented through the interface of Microsoft Power BI with a number of navigation tabs at the bottom.

  • The ‘Home’ tab is the entry page where you find information about the tool and how it works.

  • The 'Index score’ tab shows the overall score for all sports organisations. You can filter the scores on country, organisation, and/or type of sport to the right.

    If you move your mouse over the bars in the diagram, you will see the scores for the four dimensions and a little information about the organisation, sport and country in question.

  • The ’Transparency’, ’Democratic processes’, ’Internal accountability’ and ’Societal responsibility’ tabs show the scores for the dimensions you have chosen using the filter options on the previous page.

  • To the right of the page, you can access the benchmarking tool with all the indicators for the respective dimension to obtain a score for your own organisation.

  • At each indicator, it is shown whether it belongs to the level of basic, intermediate, or advanced organisations.

  • If you press the I in the top right-hand corner, you will get access to instructions on how to interpret the indicators.