PtG Article 14.10.2014

Whistleblower Goijman portrayed on German TV

German TV viewers learned yesterday evening, Monday the 13 October, how sport can treat its whistleblowers when public German TV channel West-Deutsche Rundfunk (WDR) aired a 10-minutes portrait of the Argentinian Mario Goijman.

Reporters Robert Kempe and Jochen Leufgens from  West-Deutsche Rundfunk (WDR) visited Goijman in Buenos Aires and depicted his fall from the top of sport politics to the bottom of society.

The reason for his downfall: He blew the whistle on the massive corruption practiced by the former president of the Féderation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), the Mexican Rubén Acosta.

The report is mostly in German and there are a few seconds without images because of copyright issues. You can watch it here.


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