PtG Article 28.02.2012

Warner threatens legal action against Trinidad and Tobago online newspaper

The local Trinidad and Tobago online newspaper is being threatened with a lawsuit by ex-FIFA Vice President Jack Warner for defamation and libel in connection with an article about misappropriation of Haiti aid funds published by this month.

The article in question claims that out of US$750,000 in emergency aid for Haiti collected by Jack Warner in his capacity as CONCACAF President, only US$60.000 made it to the Haiti Football Association. Warner argues that the article caused him "serious distress and embarrassment" which prompted the legal action. responded to Warner’s legal threat on its website yesterday. Here, editor Lasana Liburd wonders why the legal document was published on the state-owned television station CTV and republished on several online forums before even reaching Wired868 – especially since defamation suits traditionally aim to block the reproduction of the harmful statements. “In this case, Warner himself ensured that the supposedly distressing allegations would be rebroadcast by having the letter sent to CTV,” writes

Had Warner been so concerned with his reputation, he might not have encouraged segments of the article to be republished, argues, and he might also have demanded an apology from the UK Sunday Times, FIFA and Federation of Haitian Football (FHF) President Dr Yves Jean-Bart, who are mentioned in the letter from Warner’s attorney as the sources of the defamatory information presented in the article. 

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