PtG Article 30.06.2010

WADA: Armstrong Fraud Investigation Will Take Time

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) director general David Howman believes the fraud case involving Floyd Landis' allegations against Lance Armstrong and several prominent American cycling figures could be "fruitful" but will take time.

Howman made the comments in a New York Times article published Monday analysing the implications of the case - surrounding Armstrong's alleged doping practices whilst riding for US Postal - on this year's Tour de France.

"I think we are very optimistic that this inquiry will be a fruitful one," Howman told the newspaper. "But this is going to take some time because we're not really talking about a simple antidoping case here.

Landis' allegations outline systematic doping within the US Postal team, with which Armstrong won all seven of his Tour de France titles (albeit known as Team Discovery Channel during 2005).

SOURCE: Cyclingnews