PtG Article 21.07.2010

Violence against children in sport - new UNICEF report

UNICEF has today released a report on violence against children in sport.

The study, called ‘Protecting Children from Violence in Sport: A review with a focus on industrialized countries’, examines bullying, psychological abuse, child labour, trafficking and sexual violence towards children in sport.

The report states that child protection and violence prevention are not embedded in sport delivery systems, and finds worrying knowledge gaps among sports teachers and coaches. As a result, the report says that the same types of violence and abuse sometimes found in families and communities can also occur in sport and play programmes.‘Protecting Children from Violence in Sport’ states that education on child protection issues among sport teachers, coaches and other stakeholders is often lacking, and that child athletes are rarely consulted about their sporting experiences. Overall, the report notes that appropriate structures and policies need to be developed for preventing, reporting and responding appropriately to all forms of abuse in children’s sport.

Download the report hereSOURCE: UNOSDP