PtG Article 11.04.2012

Video: interview with Jens Sejer Andersen on corporate governance of sport

In February 2012, the International Director of Play the Game, Jens Sejer Andersen, gave a presentation at the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre titled “Is the Corporate Governance of World Sport in Crisis? Lessons from the FIFA reform process: what can FIFA learn from the International Olympic Committee?”

Here, Andersen presented what he believes are the most significant governance challenges facing the sport sector at this time, notably, corruption scandals at FIFA, and at the international volleyball and handball federations. He also presented a critical assessment of the IOC’s reform process and made a comparison of the IOC’s response to that of FIFA’s to the corruption allegations that have be-set football’s world governing body over the last decade. 

A 30 minute interview with Jens Sejer Andersen where he discusses the key issues covered in his presentation can be viewed here.