PtG Article 24.06.2011

UK Minister calls for FIFA reforms

UK Minister for Sport Hugh Robertson is shocked by the latest FIFA revelations and underlines the need for 'fundamental reforms' in the football body.

A leaked report containing the FIFA Ethics Committee's results of the on-going investigation into bribery and corruption allegations against FIFA Ex-Co member Mohamed bin Hammam and now former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner shows that the committee finds the evidence of bin Hammam buying votes to support his presidential campaign to be "comprehensive, convincing and overwhelming". The report furthermore states that it ”appears rather compelling to consider the actions of Mr Bin Hammam constitute prima facie an act of bribery, or at least an attempt to commit bribery.”

About Jack Warner the report says: "The Fifa ethics committee is of the primary opinion that the accused [Warner] had knowledge of the respective payments and condoned them. It seems quite likely that the accused [Warner] contributed himself to the relevant actions, thereby acting as an accessory to corruption."

These revelations have shocked the UK sports minister, Hugh Robertson who thinks the need for fundamental reforms is more urgent than ever.

"The events of the last two days absolutely confirm that FIFA needs fundamental reform," Robertson told Press Association Sport according to UK newspaper The Independent.

"It needs to become far more transparent and accountable.

"There can be no doubt about that. FIFA has got to be fundamentally reformed.

"The Press Association seem to have an early copy of it [the report] and if indeed the report says what your copy suggests it is going to say then it is a very serious indictment not only of the two individuals concerned but of the way that FIFA operates.

"And it absolutely strengthens the need for fundamental reform."

SOURCE: The Independent