PtG Article 02.11.2010

UCI President wants four-year doping bans

International Cycling Federation (UCI) President Pat McQuaid argues for the use of four-year bans for serious doping offenses in order to clean up cycling – a sport plagued by drug scandals.

In an interview with AP, McQuaid argued that the standard two-year suspensions are not tough enough to deter cheaters and should be doubled in cases of premeditated doping."I'm increasingly going for four years because two years is very quick," McQuaid said of doping bans. "An athlete returns to the peleton very quick. I think it's unfair to the clean athletes that guys who have cheated in premeditated cheating can come back so quickly."The World Anti-Doping Agency calls for suspensions of at least two years and allows sanctions of up to four years, but few sports impose these longer penalties. McQuaid said he has instructed the UCI's anti-doping department to seek four-year penalties and urged national federations to do the same. "At least cycling has made the statement that we're serious about getting rid of dopers."