PtG Article 27.06.2007

Two staff members leave Play the Game

For very different reasons, Play the Game has seen two staff members part in recent weeks.

Hans B. Skaset has chosen to retire from his honorary position as Senior Consultant. At the age of 72, Skaset wants to give international sports issues low priority at this stage in his life in order to strengthen his engagement in nature preservation and outdoor life politics in the Oslo area. As a former Norwegian sports president and leading government official with vast international experience, Skaset has rendered invaluable moral and intellectual support to Play the Game, and we are deeply grateful for the advice and efforts he has delivered during, before and after our conferences.

Marie Venø Thesbjerg, 30, has left her position as news coordinator after only three months, due to her wish to turn her life towards another direction than news journalism. We were very pleased with Marie as a colleague and regret that she felt the urge to leave us at this stage of affairs.