PtG Article 17.05.2013

Two candidates ready to run for IOC president

Singaporean Ng Ser Miang has officially declared his candidacy for the post as the next president of the International Olympic Committee.

At an event at the University of Sorbonne in Paris, France, this Thursday, Ser Miang declared his candidature as the next president of the IOC. Ser Miang has been an IOC member since 1998 and a vice president since 2009. He was chair of the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010.

"The Olympic movement faces a new and rapidly changing world," Ser Miang said in his speech, AP reports. "The IOC will require a leader with a universal perspective and an inclusive, cooperative-leadership style."

"I come from Singapore, a multi-racial, multi-cultural society whose success is based on teamwork," he said. "I am proud to be Asian, but I am also a global citizen. This gives me a unique perspective as an IOC member."

If Ser Miang wins the election, he will be the first Asian to head the Olympic Movement.

IOC vice president Ser Miang is the second to officially candidate for the seat. Two weeks ago, another vice president, German Thomas Bach, declared that he is also running for the prestigious seat.

New candidates are believed to enter the race, and the deadline for officially announcing candidatures is 10 June, three month before the election.

The election will take place on 10 September during the 122nd IOC session, taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Jacques Rogge steps down from the post after 12 years.

The IOC session will also elect the host cities for the 2020 Summer Games. The candidate cities are Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo.