PtG Article 04.10.2009

The “secret” Olympic Congress is now open

After one day of international media pressure the International Olympic Committee, IOC, yesterday decided to open up the “secret” 13th Olympic Congress in Copenhagen.

On the first day of the Congress only 17 out of 200 international media representatives were given full access to the IOC-members and delegates outside the Congress room. That led to massive protests from the present journalists and Gianni Merlo, president of the International Press Sports Association, AIPS.

At a press briefing Saturday night the head of IOC Communications department, Communication director Mark Adams, promised to discuss the matter with the IOC’s Press Commission.

A few hours later it was announced in the Media Center that all accredited media representatives would be given full access to IOC-members and delegates the next morning on day two of the three day long Olympic Congress.

The next day all present journalists were able to work without restrictions. At the end of the second day of the Congress the IOC Communications director Mark Adams held a new press briefing where he said:

“I hope things have been better for you today. We really try to listen.”

The Olympic Congress ends today.

After one day of resting the IOC continue the 121st session on Wednesday before voting on two new Olympic sports, rugby and golf, re-electing the president Jacques Rogge and voting on six new member candidates on Friday, among them the Danish Crown Prince Frederik.