PtG Article 28.10.2007

The pulse - Play the Game 2007 live on your PC

Play the Game 2007 will be covered live by The Pulse, with video reports, conference streaming, articles and an interactive forum for website visitors and conference participants to keep up to date with all conference events.

Arranged and produced by students from the Danish School of Journalism, The Pulse will be accessible from your home, office, library or school at On the website, you can get new information about a series of current issues from the past weeks' international sports debate which will form some of the key issues at Play the Game 2007

Play the Game serves as a forerunner for the forthcoming WADA Congress starting 15 November in Madrid where government and sports representatives will define a new set of global rules for the fight against doping

The transition of powers at the helm of WADA was surprisingly disturbed when the favourite to become new WADA President, the former French Sports Minister Jean-Francois Lamour, pulled out of the race, citing conspiracies from countries with a less strict anti-doping approach. At Play the Game, you can hear Richard W. Pound comment on this development when he sums up his experiences of 8 years with the build-up of WADA UCI Pat McQuaid chief will explain the new initiatives to strengthen the struggle to combat doping in professional cycling after a year of turmoil for the sport. Professional cyclist Jörg Jaksche will join a panel of experts to try and map out a route for cycling's future EU employees, sports leaders and researchers will discuss what it means that sport last week got its own article in the EU reform treaty, considering also the recommendations in the recent EU White Paper on sport The producers of the BBC Panorama programme "FIFA and Coe" aired last Monday the 22nd October will be present together with one of the key witnesses to corruption in world football

Play the Game intends to broadcast all plenary sessions live on the Internet in cooperation with Icelandic national TV RUV and a team of 39 journalist students. The full conference programme can be found here