PtG Article 01.11.2004

The Civic Price of Building Stadiums in the US

Based on a study of the economic impact of hosting professional sports teams in 37 US cities, the authors conclude that professional sports generally have little, if any, positive effect on a city's economy.

The net economic impact of professional sports in Washington DC, and the 36 other cities that hosted professional sports teams over nearly 30 years, was a reduction in real per capita income over the entire metropolitan area.

Moreover, specific economic sectors of the economy that are frequently predicted to be the big winners from stadium construction such as eating and drinking establishements, amusement and recreation facilities and hotels are likely to benefit very little or even be harmed by it.

Dennis Coates and Brad R. Humphreys

Caught Stealing: Debunking the Economic Case for D.C. Baseball

Cato Institute Briefing Papers, no. 89