PtG Article 20.06.2017

SUP battle goes to CAS for mediation

The row over which federation should govern Stand-up Paddle has gone to the next level with the implicated parties asking the Court of Arbitration for Sport to mediate in the conflict.

The two parties, the International Surfing Association (ISA) and the International Canoe Federation (ICF), who are currently in discussions over which federation should govern Stand-up Paddle (SUP) have asked CAS to mediate in order to reach a solution.

In a press release from the ISA, Fernando Aguerre, ISU president says:

“We are pleased that the issue regarding the governance of SUP, a discipline that is very important for ISA, is now before CAS. As a committed member of the Olympic Family, we believe CAS is the appropriate forum to have this case heard fairly.”

“The ISA welcomes the opportunity to put forward our position as the historical rightful custodian of SUP that can continue to best ensure the development of the sport and work in the interest of all SUP athletes worldwide."

The row over who should govern SUP has been going on since November 2016, when surfing was admitted to the Olympic Programme for the Tokyo 2020 games.

Both international federations claim to be the natural overseer of the sport and have both have has SUP on their competition programme. Both the ISA and the ICF claim to have proposed various compromises in order to settle the dispute. So far, none has been found and now the question will be handed over to CAS for mediation.

The IOC has restrained from taking a stance in the case.

“We are aware of the discussions between the ICF and ISA in regard to the ongoing development of stand-up paddling. We trust the two bodies will work constructively to reach an agreement which allows clarity for the further development of the sport and with a focus on its athletes,” the IOC media relations team stated in a article about the row in May.

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