PtG Article 24.07.2012

Student video on Play the Game 2011 now out in an English language version

Play the Game 2011 was captured on video, and the 30 minute film is now also available in English.

A video covering the events of the latest Play the Game conference has now been made available in an English language version. The video is produced by students from the German Sport University Cologne.

The video presents some of the main topics discussed on Play the Game 2011, including the Cologne Consensus against corruption in sport, and some of the main conclusions that were reached. 

The 30 minute video also features interviews with several speakers going more in depth with some of the important questions posed at the conference. One of the speakers interviewed for the 30 minute video is Declan Hill, elaborating on match-fixing and corruption in sport. The video also features an interview with Walter De Gregorio, FIFA’s communications director, and shows more from the clash between De Gregorio and investigative journalist Andrew Jennings. 

The video is a production of the German Sport University Cologne  and is as such not directly affiliated with Play the Game. 

View the English language video ‘Play the Game 2011’ here. The German language original was published in November 2011. View the German version here.

Play the Game 2011 was the seventh world communication conference on sport and society, and took place at the German Sport University Cologne on 3-6 October 2011. Read more about the conference at