PtG Article 01.03.2013

SportAccord’s gender equality tracking shows little change in number of female leaders

SportAccord, the umbrella organisation for both Olympic and non-Olympic international sports, has released a Factsheet providing an overview of the representation of women in leadership positions amongst the organisation’s members. The Factsheet shows little change in the gender imbalance within the last year, writes SportAccord in a press release.

SportAccord’s Social Responsibility Unit undertakes continual tracking of gender equality amongst its 107 members, and since the release of the first Women in Leadership Position Factsheet in February 2012, the percentage of females within the decision making bodies of SportAccord members has remained static at 13%. The newly released Factsheet also shows that 25 % of SportAccord Members have no (0%) women on decision making bodies.

The objective set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is that at least 20% of decision-making positions in the NOC’s, sports federations and governing bodies within the Olympic movement, are reserved for women. Only 31% of the federations for Olympic sports have reached this target. 

“Within a 12 month period, there is unfortunately no significant change in creating a more balanced gender representation amongst the governing bodies of international sport” SportAccord concludes its press release.

See the Factsheet on Women in Leadership Positions within SportAccord Members from February 2013 here