PtG Article 18.01.2012

SportAccord launches global programme to stop match-fixing in sport

SportAccord, the umbrella organisation for 105 Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations, has created a programme to battle match-fixing in sport. The international sports movement has identified the fight against the manipulation of results as an absolute priority.

The Programme aims to raise awareness about what is responsible sports betting behaviour and to help athletes and officials from having match-fixing destroy their careers and sports, SportAccord writes on its website. Different tools have been developed that are available for use by sports federations, athletes and officials, including SportAccord’s Guide to ‘Integrity in Sport’,  the e-Learning Programme ‘How to Prevent Match-Fixing from Destroying your Career’ and ‘Code of Conduct on Sports Betting Integrity for Athletes and Officials’. World experts have contributed to the Programme, including Dr. Declan Hill, journalist, recognised integrity, and author of the book “the Fix” on match-fixing and Mr. Christian Kalb of CK Consulting, a strategic consultancy company specialised in sport and gambling.

Upon the launch of the programme, Hein Verbruggen, President of SportAccord said “Sports integrity is without a doubt sport’s main asset. Those who trust the athletes and teams, the fans, should never have the slightest doubt about the veracity of the result of a competition; for it is this incertitude that creates the beauty and richness of sport” writes SportAccord.Source: SportAccord

Read more about the programme here: Global programme to stop match-fixing in sport