PtG Article 23.04.2014

Sport event hosts call for governance reforms within rights-holder organisations

With evidence that the appetite for hosting major sports events may be waning, better governance is essential for safeguarding sport’s future, writes Rowland Jack, founder of I Trust Sport, a company working to improve governance in international sport.

During the past decade, the event market has been dominated by globalisation, resulting in many so-called developing countries being awarded the hosting rights of large sporting events, Jack writes in an article published on sports law website

According to Jack, this trend may be shifting, and he sees a rising tendency in the event hosting market demanding a reduction of costs, higher levels of transparency, better understanding and cooperation between hosts and right-holders.

“Governments across the world seem to be coming to the conclusion that the demands and risks of hosting some sporting events are just too great to justify the investment,” Jack writes.

Many of the key steps that need to be taken by the rights-holders in order to meet this tendency “can be summarised in two words: better governance,” the article says.

Transparency, good financial management, independent ethics committees and the consultation of athletes on relevant issues such as anti-doping programmes and betting integrity procedures are all regarded as key steps towards complying with the new demands from event hosts.

Jack currently sees a momentum building for implementing far-reaching reforms in international sports organisations. A momentum he hopes sports leaders will take advantage of.

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