PtG Article 07.06.2010

South African broadcasters pass on critical 2010 documentary

A hard-hitting documentary, which alleges that South Africa has wasted resources preparing to host the World Cup, has been snubbed by the country's three main broadcasters.

M-Net has joined and the SABC in refusing to give airtime to the critical Fahrenheit 2010.'s executive producer of current affairs, Debbie Meyer, wrote in an email: "I don't think it is suitable for a South African audience -- I am sure you made it for an international one."

Director, South African Craig Tanner said the documentary asked whether a developing country should have embarked on building multibillion-rand stadiums for the tournament: "R4-billion was spent on a new stadium in Cape Town, instead of using Newlands, or renovating the Athlone Stadium".

Like Tanner, editor Michael Cross accuses the broadcasters of stifling "healthy debate" around the World Cup.



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