PtG Article 24.06.2010

South Africa to get a boost from WC advertising

South Africa, which is hosting the World Cup this year, is projected to get a major boost to its advertising economy.

With companies such as Nike splurging on ads targeting World Cup fans it is expected that there will be an influx of about USD 200 million reports the Guardian. Nike has recently unveiled a campaign to be aired on a large digital advertising screen on the side of a sky-scraper in Johannesburg, which will Facebook and Twitter messages from fans alongside images of football starts who promote the brand.

Fans can choose from the 50 football star images available to post a message and 100 such messages will be chosen for each night.

With the arrival of the World Cup, Group M has changed its original forecast of 3 per cent growth and is now predicting a 6.8 per cent growth and it is thought that the nation's ad economy will bring in USD 220 million more than last year.