PtG Article 13.07.2010

Scientific journal on Sport and Media

Could media live without sport? How far should a sport go to meet the media’s expectations? What is the role of media in sport governance? These are some the questions being asked in the latest issue of the scientific journal from European think tank Sport and Citizenship.

The European think tank Sport and Citizenship recently published their eleventh journal focussing on Sport and Media. The journal raises issues concerning the close relationship between the two sectors.

Sport is dependent on media exposure and gains large parts of its revenue from selling broadcasting rights, at the same time the emergence of online and social media has provided sport with a wider exposure adding to its success.

The major developments within media in the recent years have challenged both sport and sport media to adapt to these changes and have given reasons to rethink aspects of the interrelation between Sport and Media. This issue offers opinions on how to face the new challenges and opportunities these developments bring.  “Many civic issues still remain open: broadcasting of “minor” sports and sport for people with disabilities, preserving the ethics of sport, developing grassroots sport … While new media are emerging, these many challenges will undoubtedly punctuate political news in the years to come,” Sport and Citizenship writes about the motivation for putting together this issue.

The journal features interviews with prominent personages representing both politicians, scientists, media professionals and the world of sport, all presenting their view on Sport and Media.

Contributions include:

Interviews with:

  • Androulla Vassililou, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Youth and Sport
  • Bernard Lapasset, President of the International Rugby Board (IRB)
  • Doris Pack, German MEP, Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education
  • Snežana Samardžić-Marković, Minister of Youth and Sport, Republic of Serbia
  • Laurent-Eric Le Lay, CEO & Chairman, Eurosport Group
  • Jacques Seguela, Havas Executive Vice-President, Chief Creative Officer
  • Nicolas Maingot, President Director ad interim, Communication and Public Affairs, FIFA
  • Tony Estanguet, Double Olympic Champion in canoeing, Double World Champion (individual canoeing), Three times World Champion (team canoeing)
  • Alexandre Michelin, Executive Producer Directeur Editorial MICROSOFT
  • Ingrid Deltendre, Director General of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU-UER)
  • Makis Chamaldis, Specialist in sport psychology

Scientific articles from:

  • The public’s right to information in the Audiovisual Media Services DirectiveBy Anne Deltour, Administrator, Unit, Audiovisual and Media policies, and Jean-Eric De Cockborne, Head of Unit, Audiovisual and Media policies, Directorate General Information Society and Media.
  • How can sports media help combat discrimination?By Sonia Parayre, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport and Reynald Blion, Media & Diversity Manager, Council of Europe
  • The sports press: the "active mirror"By Rosarita Cuccoli, General Secretary, International Association of Sports Newspapers (IASN)
  • Sport 2.0By Cătălin Tolontan, Redactor in Chief, la Gazeta Sporturilor
  • Sport and the Media: a mutual interdependence in five main movementsBy Vincent Chaudel, Senior Manageur, Sport department Ineum Consulting – Vice President of Sport and Citizenship
  • Social networking and sport: a marriage made in heaven or in hell?By Anna Semens, Deputy Director, Centre for the International Business of sport, Coventry University Business school and Simon Chadwick, Director, Centre for the International Business of sport, Coventry University Business school - Member of Sport and Citizenship’s Scientific Committee
  • Should the practice of selling sports media rights on the basis of territorial exclusivity be reconsidered?By Nicolas Gyss, Consultant, KEA European Affairs - General Secretary of Sport and Citizenship
  • Sport and TV: these “abnormal businesses”By Ross Biggam, Director General, Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT)
  • Hooligans, the media and politicsBy Nicolas Hourcade, Sociologist, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Laboratoire CADIS
  • The CNOSF television projectBy Jean-Pierre Mougin, General Secretary,CNOSF
  • An inseparable coupleBy Michaël Attali, Lecturer at UFRAPS, Grenoble 1 University, Laboratoire derecherche « Sport et ENvironnement Social »
  • Access to sport as entertainment. Is it good for consumers or citizens?By Lucie Schoch, Assistante diplômée, Institute of Sport Studies, University of Lausanne, and Fabien OH, Sport Sociologist - Professor, University of Lausanne.

For more information on this issue, go to Sport and Citizenship’s website