PtG Article 06.04.2021

Save the date: New data and debate on anti-doping governance

Play the Game and a number of partners will launch results of surveys into the governance of anti-doping in 11 countries during two online seminars 18-19 May.

One of the outcomes of the Russian-international doping scandal has been that the demand for better governance is no longer exclusively directed at sports federations, but also at their watchdogs in the field of anti-doping.

National anti-doping organisations have come under scrutiny, as well as the governance of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

In order to shed new light on the realities of anti-doping, Play the Game partnered up with athlete groups, anti-doping agencies, and academic researchers to carry out a project entitled "National Anti-Doping Governance Observer: Benchmarking Governance in NADOS (NADGO)" with support from the European Union’s Erasmus+-programme.

The project aims at assisting and inspiring NADOs to raise the quality of their governance and promote independent practices free from conflicts of interests.

After more than two years of research and cooperation, the results of NADGO are now ready to be presented and discussed at an online symposium organised by NADA Germany, iNADO and Play the Game:

Governance in anti-doping: How to meet the challenges

International symposium on governance matters in national and international anti-doping

on 18 – 19 May 2021 from 2 pm – 4.30 pm (CET) each day

From the university side researchers join from the Catholic University of Leuven, the University of Warsaw, and the German Sport University Cologne. The agencies involved in the project are Anti Doping Denmark, NADA Germany, the Polish Anti-Doping Agency, the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency, Sport Ireland and the international organisation for anti-doping agencies, iNADO.

Athlete representatives come from EU Athletes and Fair Sport (currently represented by Global Athlete).

The symposium will feature a number of speakers from this group and from the world of anti-doping in general. Moreover, Play the Game has co-financed additional research carried out in Brazil, Bulgaria, India, Kenya, Norway, and Portugal, adding bigger diversity to the perspectives in the debate.

Participation is free. Detailed information on the programme and registration for the digital conference will follow soon. For now, we kindly ask you to save the date and hope to see you again the 18-19 May.

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