PtG Article 16.06.2010

Routledge gives access to free scientific articles on sport

In support of the 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup, Routledge Journals has made 90 related research articles free to access.

The articles are compiled to six themes:Culture, society and media, where you can find articles such as:

  • Football as code: the social diffusion of ‘soccer’ in South AfricaBy Lloyd Hill
  • Confessional tales from former football hooligans: a nostalgic, narcissistic wallow in football violenceBy Jon Dart
  • Women and gender in South African soccer: a brief historyBy Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak

History, where you can find articles such as:

  • FIFA and the men who made itBy Alan Tomlinson
  • Global power struggles in world football: FIFA and UEFA, 1954–74, and their legacyBy John Sugden and Alan Tomlinson

Economics, where you can find articles such as:

  • Africans’ Status in the European Football Players’ Labour MarketBy Raffaele Poli
  • The Political Economy of Mega-Stadiums and the Underdevelopment of Grassroots Football in South AfricaBy Peter Alegi
  • The global game of football: the 2002 World Cup and regional development in JapanBy John Horne

Politics and policy, where you can find articles such as:

  • World Cup 2010: Africa’s turn or the turn on Africa?By Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed
  • ‘Make Goals Not War’: The Contribution of International Football to World PeaceBy Peter Hough
  • Sports as cultural diplomacy: the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa’s foreign policyBy Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu

Tourism, where you can find articles such as:

  • The Potential Contribution of the 2010 Soccer World Cup to Climate Change: An Exploratory Study among Tourism Industry Stakeholders in the Tshwane Metropole of South AfricaBy I. Otto and E. T. Heath
  • Mega Event = Mega Impact? Travelling Fans’ Experience and Perceptions of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Host NationBy Magdalena Florek ,Tim Breitbarth and Francisco Conejo
  • The FIFA World Cup 2002: the effects of terrorism on sport touristsBy Kristine Toohey , Tracy Taylor and Choong-Ki Lee

and Science and nutrition, where you can find articles such as:

  • Alcohol and footballBy R. J. Maughan
  • Decision-making skills, role specificity, and deliberate practice in association football refereeingBy Peter Catteeuw, Werner Helsen, Bart Gilis and Johan Wagemans

A complete overview of the articles and access to download can be found here

The articles are available for download until 31 July 2010