PtG Article 19.06.2015

Report: Inactivity costs the European economy over €80 billion each year

With a new report, the ‘Inactivity Time Bomb’, ISCA continues the NowWeMove campaign aiming at getting 100 million Europeans moving more by 2020.

In a newly released report, the International Sport & Culture Association (ISCA), an organisation campaigning for sport for all, presents new numbers that highlight the health consequences and expenses of Europeans’ inactivity.  

According to ISCA, one out of four adults and four out of five adolescents in Europe are not moving enough, something that is causing up to 500,000 deaths each year. The report further states that the lack of exercise contributes to deceases like coronary heart decease, type II diabetes as well as mood and anxiety disorders that cost Europe more than 80 billion euro on a yearly basis. By mobilising Europe, ISCA hopes to be able to reduce these numbers.

By exercising 20 minutes a day, Europe can save lives, money and minds, says the press release accompanying the launch of the report, which is promoted under the headline ‘Inactivity Time Bomb’.

“We need to move more. It’s really as simple as that. But 20 minutes a day of moderate activity would make a massive difference to these figures. If we could cut the current level of physical inactivity in Europe by just a fifth, we could save 100,000 lives and over 16bn Euros a year,” says president of ISCA Mogens Kirkeby.

“That’s why ISCA is campaigning to get 100 million Europeans to be more active by 2020 by finding an activity that moves them. We need to encourage people to move more, so they see and feel the real benefits that brings them”.

The report forms part of a larger campaign called NowWeMove, launched in 2012, under which ISCA works to achieve the 100 million more active citizens by starting a range of activities and ideas to engage both politicians and citizens in Europe to promoting a more active lifestyle.

Among these activities are the recurring ISCA events, the MOVE congress and MOVE week, focusing, debating and encouraging recreational sport and physical activity. But ISCA is also launching a ‘No elevators day’ and ‘Movement pills’, “the only medicine in the world that can be taken every day, at any time and in as large a dose as you need”. 

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