PtG Article 08.07.2010

Race matters more than experience on hiring preferences in sport management

A new American study from North Carolina State University has examined hiring decisions for entry-level sports management positions and found that, if you are dreaming of working in the sporting industry, your race might mean more than your experience.

“Previous research has shown that management positions in the sports industry continue to be dominated by white males – and that a prejudice against blacks in managerial positions exists because of a perceived ‘lack of fit’ between being black and being a manager or leader,” explains Dr. Heidi Grappendorf, assistant professor of parks, recreation and tourism management at NC State.

“We wanted to find out – when all other factors were considered equal – what impact race had on hiring for entry-level sports management positions.”Grappendorf and fellow researchers Laura Burton, from the University of Connecticut, and Angela Henderson, from the University of Northern Colorado, recently presented their findings at the 2010 North American Society of Sport Management Conference.See some of their findings as presented at the conference hereSOURCE: Armenian Medical Network