PtG Article 17.01.2011

Qatar's World Cup campaigning costs

UK newspaper The Telegraph has obtained information about the details in Qatar’s World Cup 2022 bid, revealing some of the moves that may have helped Qatar in winning the prestigious Cup ahead of England, Australia and the US.

The list of processes leading to Qatar’s win is long and includes offering the Asian Football Confederation a new headquarter and 30 villas with all rent paid if AFC moved their headquarters to Doha from Kuala Lumpur, spending $7 million on recruiting bid ambassadors and, according to the Telegraph, Qatar also proposed to build a football academy in Thailand, home of Ex-Co member Makudi.

Although Qatar’s bid budget largely exceeded the competing bidders’, Qatar did not breach any of the FIFA regulations while lobbying for the bid, a spokesman for the Qatar bid said according to the Telegraph:“The Qatar bid played within the rules laid down by FIFA at all times. The ultimate success of our bid was due to the strong presentations we made to FIFA’s ex-co members and the strength and breadth of our case.”