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Press freedom in sports journalism

Over the years, press freedom in sport has been a recurring subject for Play the Game. On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, Play the Game has put together a compilation of articles that look into some of challenges that sports journalists face in their line of work and discuss sports journalism in broader terms.

The dangers and costs of being an investigative sports journalist

Journalists investigating sports corruption are exposed to many kinds of risks

By Kirsten Sparre, 15.04.2019 For some journalists, reporting on integrity breaches in sport comes at a price, says this paper and presents various dangers that sports journalists face. The paper is commissioned by EPAS as part of their work with UNESCO’s Kazan Action Plan. Read more

Dangers of sports journalism

By Steve Menary, 29.11.2017 The working conditions of sports journalists were in focus in a Play the Game 2017 session that shed light on dangers and difficulties when reporting on sports. Read more

The truth cannot be concealed

By Lars Andersson, 07.07.2014 Investigative journalism is scarce in the sports world. A few lone wolves are breaking away from the pack – but not without considerable personal and economic consequences. In the first of two articles on investigative journalism in sport, freelance writer Lars Andersson portrays three journalists who regularly challenge sport’s self-image. Read more

Cases that call for investigative journalism and examples of press freedom being limited or challenged:

Window undressing: Stories from international sport

By Steve Menary, 27.11.2017 A wide-ranging panel at Play the Game 2017 told participants stories about whistleblowers, corruption and organisational anomalies in sport. Read more

German journalist barred from entering Bahrain

By Play the Game, 09.05.2017
Without any apparent justification, Bahraini authorities have barred German reporter Robert Kempe, who has written critically about Bahraini sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, from entering the country to attend the FIFA Congress. Read more

Journalists withheld and questioned by Qatari police

By Play the Game, 13.05.2016 How well will Qatar tackle critical reporting, ask two Danish journalists after being held back and interrogated while doing a documentary on the 2022 FIFA World Cup preparations. Read more

Sochi 2014: Press freedom under threat

By Marcus Hoy, 31.10.2013 With just 100 days to go to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Play the Game asked whether security concerns and the desire for positive coverage could stifle press freedom. Read more

Working conditions are changing – what is the future of sports journalism?

What now for investigative sports journalism

By Marcus Hoy, 28.10.2015 Play the Game is known as “home for the homeless questions in sport”. Many of these questions are posed by journalists. During Play the Game 2015, we asked whether the drift from traditional to Internet-based platforms would make investigative journalism less healthy. Read more

Sports journalism has become an adult fairy tale

By Lars Andersson, 14.07.2014 Sports journalism is first and foremost entertainment. But is it really journalism’s task to do PR work for the world it is writing about? In this article on investigative journalism in sport, leading journalists call for more media who dare to delve behind the glossy facade of sport. Read more

The general working conditions for sports journalists

The significance of journalistic grunt work

By Play the Game, 23.10.2013 If it were not for the courageous investigative journalists around the world relentlessly pursuing the truth, some of the most infamous cases of doping, match-fixing, bribery and corruption in sport might never have seen the light of day. Read more

On scandal after scandal, sports journalists drop the ball

By David Rowe, 12.03.2013 What is sports journalism for? Are sports journalists a part of the fourth estate or merely a fan club? In this article from The Conversation, David Rowe discusses the role of sports journalism in the light of the number of recent hits to the reputation of sport. Read more

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