PtG Article 25.07.2005

Present your own research

If you want to share some of your own research on sport with an international audience we still have a few slots available in our open sessions.

We invite you to submit a paper proposal with relevance for one of the following main themes:

  • Crime & Corruption in Sport: A Strategy for Change
  • United Nations Year of Sport 2005: Do Nations Care?
  • Anti-Doping: Ethical Principles vs. Rules of Law
  • Testing WADA: Can Progress Continue?
  • 2008: When the World Comes to China and China to the World
  • Mega-Events: Billion Dollar Parties or Springboards for Development?
  • Gambling Industry: Odds for the Future Financing of Sports Organisations
  • Third World Muscle Drain: Sporting Success or Modern Slave Trade?
  • The Media: Part of the Fan Crowd or Watchdogs for the Public?

Planning of the conference is in the latter stages and therefore we can not guarantee room for all proposals but will select those that complement presentations already accepted from other speakers.

Model Storyline/Abstract

We kindly ask you to follow the guidelines described in our Model Storyline/Abstract (Word) when submitting your proposal.

Submit your proposal as soon as possible to:

We will let you know by the end of August 2005 whether your proposal has been accepted or not.

At the time of the conference, all selected speakers are kindly asked to deliver a full written manuscript to be published on Play the game's website, in newsletters, magazines or in any other context Play the game may decide. The selected speakers will enjoy a 15 percent discount on conference fees.